5 Ways to Make Money FAST as a Teen!

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28 Responses to “5 Ways to Make Money FAST as a Teen!”

  1. Elia Santos says:

    If you stop this video at exactly 7:31 it looks funny and these are
    actually pretty good ideas

  2. cole murphy says:

    maybe she gets paid for touching her hair 200 times during this video…

  3. Ruben Williams says:

    Ur not a teen

  4. Veronica Detwiler says:

    I have sex with poeple for money :]

  5. Liam Martin says:

    she looks like shes 10-9

  6. Android Phreaker says:

    She want’s to make money off you tube!

  7. Jess Haycock says:

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    online & uploaded for free .. www . leakedeBooks(.) c 0 m

  8. Sophie Garda says:

    Way too young to be on internet and earn money…

  9. Glitter Fox says:

    Isn’t the legal American age 14? 

  10. The_Evenfighter says:

    YOU bbitch you call your self a teen your just 10 years old girl for fuck
    sake !!!

  11. JaNiya Melton says:

    its not that easy to just apply for a job and just start working there you
    have to apply for the job fill out the the applacation and they have to
    call you and say you could go to a job interveiw and they have to see if
    your good enough for that job plus your acting like jobs pay you
    $1,000,000,000 THINK i know all this stuff and im only ten 

  12. zoe allen says:

    How old is she?

  13. Mrs Horan says:

    Arent you 14

  14. McKenzie Ross says:

    Scary dolls… Any way I’m 10 i sell jawbreakers made tons of money first

  15. Miranda sara says:

    can u stop touching your hair

  16. Jess Diamond says:


  17. hippies112 says:

    okay haha you get paid to do your bed from your parents? you should still
    do that even if you were not getting paid for it. wow!

  18. ribbistar says:

    I used to get payed 5 dollars a week and started slaking too

  19. NovaCrusher1 says:

    i made a lemonade stand and got around 500 bucks

  20. ivanrf1 says:

    You arnt a teen you are 9

  21. Jhonatas Lima says:

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  22. ericxohh says:

    You’re a little evil girl hahaha

  23. Afaf Khan says:

    I can’t take you seriously cause you look like your 8

  24. 7aramyGames says:

    Come I’ll give you all of my cum

  25. supergirl says:

    Your pretty

  26. free3bay says:

    Love your videos!!

  27. Barsha Poudel says:

    are you mad? Let me tell genuine stuff just google PanXCash

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