GTA 5 Money Lobby “FREE MILLIONS” In GTA 5 Online GTA 5 Money Glitch Lobby 1.15 Money Lobby

GTA 5 Money Glitch Lobby After Patch 1.15 & GTA 5 Money Lobby In GTA 5 Online – “GTA 5 Money Lobby 1.15″ This Video Includes Glitche…
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25 Responses to “GTA 5 Money Lobby “FREE MILLIONS” In GTA 5 Online GTA 5 Money Glitch Lobby 1.15 Money Lobby”

  1. FantasticalGamer says:

    And for those of you saying your delaying DLC, these lobbies have taken
    place on the sideline for the longest time and Rockstar is aware of them
    however like I said only a select few can host so its not delaying DLC
    thats just a lie tbh haha.

  2. FantasticalGamer says:


  3. Fantasy Gamer says:

    I’m Hosting On PS3 :D 

  4. xByNovaaHD says:

    Enjoy your 2 week ban guys =D

  5. TheFootball4fun says:

    Wow… you are the reason no new dlc comes. 

  6. D3LTASAS11 says:

    I hope you all get banned you cheaters

  7. bob hunt says:

    I’m reporting all of to rockstar your all getting banned rockstar watches
    this fool because he costs them money your giving rockstar your psn’s and
    gt’s to get banned plus he’s not even inviting you he’s doing it for subs
    and followers 

  8. Ahmed GamingHD™ says:

    I am hosting leave ur gtag or psn

  9. Jacob Boston says:

    Waited for 3 hours.. didnt get a single thing.

  10. MajorLeagueGamer MLG says:

    And this is why all the DLC are postponed 

  11. Sasuke Uchia says:

    My xbox live gamer tag is Storm X Chidori or the done what ever which 1 u
    want to use

  12. Jan Nowak says:

    Is anyone hosting on ps4

  13. LazY Shockz says:

    Now they are gonna reset our money

  14. AstroHDgamer [CM|T] says:

    I will be hosting to on ps3 once my ps3 comes back so subscribe to me:)

  15. Friendly Beanz says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. U noobs don’t type ur gamertag rockstar will
    find it and the money and levels and maybe a ban will come along. I’m sorry
    to sound like a downer but read it until you get it. Most people will use
    hate against me on this but read it careful. It’s fully correct

  16. ibrahim salim says:

    check twitter

  17. etienne bruin says:

    pls invite me my psn is etennegamer11

  18. Jose ESG23 says:

    Hook me up amodded lobby for Xbox 360 gt JOSE ESG 23

  19. Gustavo Antraxx says:

    fuck money lobbies people that are modder hope you go to hell freaking
    dumbass people that cant play the game legit if yall want money or RP earn
    it by doing missions and not by doing money glitches or by joining money

  20. Lars de Bois says:

    Please add me i have no money!!
    My psn: The_jens_man

  21. Nasseem Anthony Sincere Santiful says:

    Invite me plz Xbox name Daddymizzle invite me plz

  22. III Kit Kat III says:

    Hey I’m done can i please get a invite for the new dlc coming Tuesday i
    rlly want money so I can buy a cool car please my gt is
    III Kit Kat III Please invite me 

  23. roro aw says:

    can you give me money on ps3 plz I need money im level 113

  24. earth to minecraft says:

    mt xbox gt is thegamingactor can i join a money lobby plz

  25. christopher johnson says:

    my gamertag on Xbox 360 is thebeastgamer09 thankyou so much if you invite
    me to one of your lobbies

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