GTA 5 Online – “Make MILLIONS Fast” (Stock Market Money Investing Guide (GTA 5 Stock Market)

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25 Responses to “GTA 5 Online – “Make MILLIONS Fast” (Stock Market Money Investing Guide (GTA 5 Stock Market)”

  1. DomisLive says:

    I’m having In Real Life Issues right now and I wont be uploading until June
    the 7th, I’m sorry I have to take this break but I’ll be back I promise.
    Love Dom <3

  2. Tim The Aussie says:

    Can you Americans learn how to say bugatti properly! Its not boogati

  3. COLIN MAWER says:

    pure fucking shit you havent shown us how to make money you daft cunt

  4. aidan swain says:

    How do you even start selling stuff to get money??

  5. TYAP2000 says:

    My stock markets Won’t work for online. How do I fix it

  6. Jamie Ellis says:

    That didn’t tell me anything

  7. bluesharkwvl says:

    If somebody in GTA 5 like to donate me some money i would be verry
    My name in GTA 5 is Nicktutti. THANK YOU GUY$$$$ an beautifull GIRL$$$$

  8. DarkFawn13 says:

    Can someone answer me please. Why is the stock market in gta online always
    down??? I’m great with stocks and need it for money!

  9. TheExplosiveSquids says:

    How does this help me get money cuz that’s the title how to make money

  10. Waffles4Everful says:

    hmm I wonder if you can buy a stock ..on the stock market

  11. SoloParaEntretenimiento says:

    man wtf how the hell you invest

  12. Tarek Amyouni says:

    How to get money ?

  13. noahthemadman100 says:

    Does anyone know how much longer the online stock market will be down?

  14. Lucas Williams says:

    Hey can someone add my psn its GREENNINJ and i need help getting money.

  15. swiftyowner says:

    i know you want the views,i know you need the subscribers just to ‘raise’
    your selfpitty ego but why in the world you waste my time like the other
    ignorant ass….s??when you have something real upload it..this will be
    appriciated by lots of people-you will be..

  16. Rich Gomber says:

    Horribly useless video! Why is the stock market down online?

  17. TheShamwow23 says:

    how the fuck did this help me earn money? you are just telling me stuff to
    buy, moron.

  18. Mitchel Kamp says:

    Nice never new that

    Nice never new that


  19. Iloveham757 says:

    What was the point of making this vid if the stock market is down -_-

  20. Julian john says:

    No that didnt help me at all no i wont like your video! DISLIKE!!!!

  21. Shaun Bradford says:

    The stock market is down, so none of this even matters

  22. Christopher Ruddy says:

    I hope they open up the stocks soon

  23. Kyle TheGamer says:

    This didn’t help

  24. christina dang says:

    This does not help to make money but it does help make us buy stuff to
    WASTE our money thanks a lot 

  25. Jordan Newbold says:

    So we invest in shoes…. Thanks haha :/

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