GTA 5 PS4 Online – MAKE $1,000,000 IN MINUTES! Easy & Fast Money Method (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)

GTA 5 PS4 Online – MAKE 00000 IN 8 MINUTES! Easy & Fast Money Method (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay) – NEW GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay – MAKE MILLIONS FAST & EASY MONEY MET…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “GTA 5 PS4 Online – MAKE $1,000,000 IN MINUTES! Easy & Fast Money Method (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)”

  1. MrBossFTW says:


  2. MrBossFTW says:


  3. RumTumTuggy says:

    If the race takes 3 minutes as you said in your video, and the race setup
    screen and post race screen both last about 30 seconds each, and then the
    time to load up the playlist by yourself again is another 30 seconds to 1
    minute, you actually are making 250,000 dollars every 5 minutes which
    amounts to 1,000,000 dollars every 20 minutes. 

  4. Darkmaster2500 says:

    Omg really? I thought we were done with glitches, oh wait I forgot it’s the
    gta community where they blame rockstar for patching glitches that stop
    heist from coming out.

  5. Fballmaster says:

    I go to the menu when you try to click playlist but it is like not
    clickable? What should I do? 

  6. Jasper Delanno says:

    Do any ps4 players with mics wanna play with me? I’m 16. Not a squeaker.

  7. chris blah says:

    I can confirm that if you lose you do lose the money even if you lose by 20
    fucking miliseconds

  8. MrMegaMario64 says:

    The only thing is that you can only do this 6 times a day, but on the
    bright side it’s still $1,500,000 a day. :) 

  9. Mikey F says:

    So when it’s says come back tomorrow (when you reach the challenge limit)
    does that mean 24 hours in game time or real time?

  10. Hannah Matthews says:

    This is hardly an exploit, glitch or cheat. He bets on himself $250,000 and
    because he wins, he gets double. Simple.

  11. muhammad febrian says:

    hey man can you please send me a money to my gta 5 online my psn is

  12. BlomMan says:

    I can only view challanges with 5K, what is wrong?

  13. iputtheinternetonmyback says:

    Wtf its only available to people in a crew…fuck that

  14. TrollGaming IL says:

    still work?

  15. Nicola Fanni says:

    Anyone knows if this still works? Cause im pretty broke at the moment and i
    can only bet 5k. I wonder if i reach 250k i will be able to bet that

  16. Eiean Marshall says:


  17. RandomGameStuff says:

    Please help Me guys is this work on xbox one our do you know another
    challange on xbox one please need money big money???

  18. Oliver Jensen says:

    When i go on playlist and Challenges i can’t find it why

  19. U wut m8 MLG says:

    cant find any challange with that much value, just 5k (im in a crew, and
    have followed all instructions. help!

  20. windel bobadilla says:

    Is this still working as now 2015

  21. RC SPEED RUNS says:

    How do u make from 0 dollars buddy sub my channel sub thanks 

  22. Mary Walker says:

    Patched!!! it now only gives yhu 5000$

  23. Aus Lindy says:

    HOW IS THIS ALLOWED!!!!?!?!???!? Im so pumped

  24. Tom Harding says:

    how do you get these challenges if they’re not in your playlist? I just
    checked my challenges then and the biggest one was just $5,000…

  25. CuddlePredator says:

    Like if you bought GTA V and instantly played Online

  26. cw5394 says:

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  27. PokemonIsl says:

    it says your not allowed to earn points in your country WTF

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  33. Michael Cotrone says:

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  35. Topea Marian says:

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  36. Christa Sunderland says:

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  50. Elizabeth Serina says:

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