GTA Online: How To Rob Security Trucks! Easy Way To Make Money Tutorial Guide (GTA 5 Online)

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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26 Responses to “GTA Online: How To Rob Security Trucks! Easy Way To Make Money Tutorial Guide (GTA 5 Online)”

  1. Samuel White says:

    im level 64 and I haven’t seen one yet the only one I have seen was robbed

  2. GKID7891 says:

    Is it possible with a tank? Or do you end up blowing up the entire truck?

  3. Han Shotfirst says:

    How come every time I throw my sticky bomb on the back of the truck it
    explodes the doors and says “The cash from the armored truck has been
    dropped” yet I don’t see ANY money in bags dropping onto the road?!

  4. Semper353 says:

    You just need a shotgun for the trucks. After 4-6 shotgun hits the doors
    will be opened.

  5. Alex Mercer says:

    use a shotgun

  6. Cj Bixby says:

    Always seem to be outta stickybombs when I rum across on lol

  7. Jason Harris says:

    is the phoenix a rare car or not?

  8. 101MTA says:

    How do you detonate bombs while in the car?

  9. Spencer Mason says:

    I robbed 7 in a row in sandy shores around the bar. 120k total.

  10. proatsmallarms says:

    another way is by getting a giant truck and smashing it over like in the

  11. epicgameing says:

    hay bro can i have your xbox gt i need help 

  12. kevin rodriguez says:

    Do I play on ps3 or xbox?

  13. I LoveWeed says:

    You need rank 19 i think because you need sticky bombs. Am I right?

  14. Ricky Reed says:

    are you mad? Let me tell best platform search for PanxCash

  15. lilrick98 says:

    i just blow the doors for thr RP. the cash thats dropped is never over

  16. CriticalImpact says:

    I just park my car in front of it shoot the driver then shoot the back ezy

  17. Austin Gamber says:

    if you have the assault shotgun use it to blow open the doors normally
    opens in 4 to 6 shots:)

  18. Margaret Gautier says:

    2 40 wtf

  19. Freddy Fish says:

    Dude they’re pretty easy to open with guns. Simply use a shotgun, shot 5 or
    6 times and it will open. Cool vid by the way! :D Keep up the good work.

  20. adam amir says:

    what rank level do you have to be on to find them

  21. Kaikobanu says:

    If im going to atack one of these then i always land with a heli in front
    of the car, next thing what im doing is shooting the driver so i can walk
    easy to the back without being afraid that he drives of. Then i blow or
    shoot the door up, take the money and fly away. I think thats the best way
    to rob them
    ( srry 4 my english)

  22. Sakal Loloa says:

    i got it on level 20 and lv 3 dont need to be on 90 but you ca see it not
    all the time, ps you can get over 10 000 if you explode it back then the
    money wil came up

  23. tacotortillatejano says:

    I shot it twice with a pump shotgun

  24. Jordan Jones says:

    Plz tell me can there be armored trucks in only your own session

  25. JuicyExplosion says:

    im level 46 and never seen one spawning for me

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