How to Make Money Online Playing Poker – How i turned -$1500 into 26k in 1.2 Month (Part 1/2)

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25 Responses to “How to Make Money Online Playing Poker – How i turned -$1500 into 26k in 1.2 Month (Part 1/2)”

  1. Michael Reyes says:

    Poker requires skill and patience. Increasing your odds of winning is the
    way to succeed with poker.

  2. Gustavo Castro says:

    Walter Jr, is that you??

  3. Brian Powell says:

    You’re a straight up scumbag for stealing money from your mother’s mortgage
    account. She pays for the house your ungrateful ass sleeps in every night.
    Absolutely disgusting.

  4. Gshock Gshockk says:

    he won 26k? and he play 1 and 2 cent table? Tell that story to a homeless
    people NERD.

  5. TheVoodooLion says:

    good video but your not telling us how to play or how to win, your not
    giving us anything other than your experiences so ‘the title is misleading.

  6. jojo bobo says:

    pokerstars is a scam

  7. Jakato Sallay says:

    i’m sorry if you feel offended but this is what poker does to you

  8. sspitcher1513 says:

    Can we just talk for a minute about how terrible he plays during this
    entire video…. I mean just really awful poker the entire time.

  9. davidallenroth says:


  10. seth larsen says:

    All these scammers posting because they feel if people are stupid enough to
    fall for these rigged poker sites they will also fall for their garbage.

  11. Kenneth Tay says:

    wow! i’m gonna take a bankloan for 10k now, i’ll have 2 million in
    1.2month!! i can pay back the loan, and continue on my journey to be a
    multibillionaire and soon buy my own country!! by playing online poker!!

  12. Krishan Fernando says:

    I’m not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about
    how to earn money online playing games try *Awsomic Game System* (do a
    search on google)? Ive heard some great things about it and my friend got
    amazing results with it.

  13. davi ebrey says:

    wow all them scammers i would like to shoot in the face point blank range
    not because i believed and tried this because it disgusts me

  14. DrMsIrKK says:

    wow the number of scammers posting here is SICK

  15. AtlasZero13 says:

    How did you do this? Every site I find doesn’t allow us to play for money
    o.o where are you from

  16. עדי שרון says:

    wow everybody assume the target audience for this video are people looking
    for “easy ways to make money online” not considering they see poker as a
    job or atleast a second job…dont think those surveys intrest anyone not
    to mention the “hidden” ad

  17. TheSmoothGrind says:

    How much money did you make playing Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite movie? 

  18. Andrej Vrazic says:

    How to Make Money Online Playing Poker

  19. Sagaeliten says:

    How can you play 6tables at the same time? are you able to read all your
    or you just playing as a rock?

  20. Mindaugas V says:

    Taking money you dont have is just wrong :) Thats a gambling addict….
    turn 10bucks in to 100, then 100 in to 1000 and then in to 30k.

  21. Kenny Pauls says:

    This video is not for me…or maybe the title was ill-named. Obviously
    someone was interested in telling their life story (proceeded by 1:40 of
    rap). I watched the hands for a while hoping that there might be something
    of value to be said besides all the really bad things he did, but gave up
    about 8 and a half minutes in. Not trolling…just saying. Maybe I’d be
    interested in how your life turned out if I was sitting at a table and had
    cards in my hand too…but on youtube?….nope.

  22. Geoff Kwok says:

    i turned from 10k to 1m in one day

  23. sküll düggery says:

    how do you deal with all these damn swings. i mean i win, win, win… then
    lose, lose, lose!

  24. John Smith says:

    Wow, if someone this dumb made a profit playing poker imagine what I could
    do! Thx for the video man, you really opened my eyes.

  25. Hjalmar Nyman says:

    the first 1:45 was stupid. horrible quality btw

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